RIBS – Ramaiah Institute of Business Studies has a definite edge over other colleges for various reasons. First , its in the heart of the city , well with in reach of the best facilities – medical, entertainment or shopping to name a few.
Above all it carries the brand name with a greater emphasis on diversity and academic excellence.

You would do well to join RIBS , because you would get what you came looking for. A brand that can be trusted. One of the best , most developing institutes with an aim to empower the youth in its tagline and logo.

It has well set undergraduate courses for BBA( Bachelor of Business Administration ), BCom.(Bachelor of Commerce) and BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application ) as well as a newly begun MCom ( Masters in Commerce ).

With a BBA you can venture into the challenging world of management. It is also a stepping stone to higher education , so you could do an MBA or take on other such as Bank exams, Defence exams, Civil Services exams like IAS, IPS etc.
On the other hand if you so desire , you could start up your own business if you have a good idea and a good team to work with. There are many company’s now a days that are funding start ups.
You could learn a new language and move abroad with a TOEFL or ILETS exam.
Many students have found that a BBA gears them up well for jobs in railway and for other jobs in the government. Jobs in the tourism sector as well as in medical sector after completion of your degree can give you added advantages .

There are various subjects like Human Resources , Finance , Marketing etc offered for specialization and those which are the choice of a good number of students are definitely offered to them as specialization subjects .

Various subjects like Finance , Marketing and Human Resource are offered for specialization and those which are the choice of a good number of students are offered as specialization subjects.

The choice of a specialisation subject is an important one to be decided by the student himself / herself , since it can decide the coure of the career he / she takes on after graduation.

There are many opportunities available for you in the IT industry after completing BCA. If you want to get into IT then BCA is the first sure step. It opens the doors of careers which start with IT jobs at service based companies like Wipro, TCS, Cognizant etc. A good option is a job in product based companies since you would acquire a good exposure to programming. With a specialization in fields like web development or android development you could go far. You can also make your career in digital marketing which is emerging day by day. Students also have a chance to pursue higher education – M.Tech in Software Engineering in prestigious organizations like Wipro , Birla etc. . Freelancing can be a great way to become independent if you have excellent command over any programming language or designing skills and good communication skills.

Several value added courses like Tally and Excel are interspersed into the regular course , at no extra cost , with experts from the eternal world.

Placement assistance is the norm at RIBS. It begins as early as in the fifth semester . Prestigious companies like Deloitte , Jaro etc visit the college and aspiring students are trained to perform well at the interviews in the RIFS classes and Value added Courses

Yes , students who are proficient in sports are allowed to attend competitions or practice sessions.

At RIBS , there is a strong focus on culture and a number of cultural activities , traditional , festive days etc are celebrated with grand displays of talent and art. On stage and off stage evnts, individual and group contests are given equal importance.
Talent in Sports –indoor, outdoor, field and track , individual and team are all tapped into with great earnestness.
Class wise competitions which adds to a healthy spirit of participation. The year ends with the large rolling trophy given to the class with the highest scores.

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